Plot an ODE solution with different constant values.

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Hi everyone.
I have an ODE which describes a fluid.
I want to solve this ODE and graph it for different constant values.
To solve it, I use this code
syms y(x)
ode = diff(y,x) == (1.5 - 0.8*y) / (0.5 + 0.8*x);
sol = dsolve(ode);
The problem I have is with plotting the solutions. I want to plot this solution for differnt valus of C (General Answer), but using the
gives a (x,C) plot.
How can I plot the general answer to get this plot?
Thank you so much.

Accepted Answer

HWIK on 21 Feb 2022
Is this what you are looking for?
syms y(x)
ode = diff(y,x) == (1.5 - 0.8*y) / (0.5 + 0.8*x);
sol = dsolve(ode);
y1 = matlabFunction(sol);
C1 = -5:5; %set your own values of C1
y1 = y1(C1,x);
hold on
for i=1:length(y1)
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BHZ on 21 Feb 2022
Thank you so much.
I didn't know about the matlabFunction and it seems useful.

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