Why am I getting this error? Local function name must be different from the script name.

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function dh_s = project(t,hs)
nd = 1000; % No. of Droplets
Vol = 900; % Liquid volume of emulsion (ml)
l = 0.5; % Mean Distance between droplets
alpha = 0.08; % Empirical Collision Effiency Parameter
D0 = 300; % Initial Droplet Diameter (microns)
Pr = 0.74; % Volume Fraction
Pr0 = ((nd*pi*D0^3)/6)/Vol; % Initial Volume Fraction of droplet
Prm = ((nd*pi*((D0+l)^3))/6)/Vol; % Maximum Volume Fraction of droplet
delrho = rho_B1 - rho_O1; % difference between the dispersed water and continuous oil phase
Vsto = (delrho*g*(D0^2))/18*mu1; % Settling Velocity of Hard Spheres (stoke's velocity)
fPr = (1-Pr0)^5.3; % Dimensionless
%D = sqrt((2/3)*alpha*((Vsto*fPr)/(((Prm/Pr0)^1/3)-1))*(D0*t)+(D0^2)); % evolution of average diameter versus time
K1 = ((2/3)*alpha*((Vsto^2)/D0))*((fPr^2)/((Prm/Pr)^1/3)-1);
dh_s = -K1*t-(Vsto*fPr);
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Matthew Charles
Matthew Charles el 6 de Mzo. de 2022
I created a live function with the code seen here but I am given this response from matlab. So I am not sure what is happening

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Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh
Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh el 6 de Mzo. de 2022
Name of your live script is project.mlx and name of your local function within it is also project which leads to error. try different name for function.

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