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how can I save mat files into mat file?

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Giorgi on 15 Dec 2014
Commented: Giorgi on 15 Dec 2014
Hi guys! Well imagine that I have two mat files one is a.mat and the second is b.mat file. Now i want to save them into another ab.mat file for example in such a way
save (ab.mat, 'a.mat', 'b.mat')
But it says that a.mat and b.mat are not valid variables so any ideas would be a great job for me ;)

Accepted Answer

Adam on 15 Dec 2014
aLoad = load( 'a.mat' );
bLoad = load( 'b.mat' );
save( 'ab.mat', '-struct', 'aLoad' );
save( 'ab.mat', '-struct', 'bLoad', '-append' );
works. It's probably neater to merge the structs and do a single save, but I couldn't remember off the top of my head how to do that so if this is a one-time operation then that solution works fine.

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