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Vectorization over different array sizes

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Cyrill Slezak
Cyrill Slezak el 10 de Mzo. de 2022
Respondida: Suman Sahu el 13 de Feb. de 2023
I'm trying to linearize (i.e. speed up) the following looped version of my code
for x=-range:1:range
for y=-range:1:range
for z=-range:1:range
canvas(index(1)+x,index(2)+y,index(3)+z)+=const*exp(-sum(((delta *[x,y,z]*RotationMatix)./[a,a,b]).^2));
end for
end for
end for
The element vise evaluation within the sum works well but I'm trying to also vectorize the remaining loops. I would appreciate any help and if you could point out why my aproach (below) fails I'd appreciate it!
[x y z] = ndgrid(-range:1:range,-range:1:range, -range:1:range);
canvas(index(1)-range:index(1)+range,index(2)-range:index(2)+range,index(3)-range:index(3)+range)+= ...
const*exp(-sum(((delta*[x(:) y(:) z(:)]*RotationMatix)./[a,a,b]).^2));
Thank you!

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Suman Sahu
Suman Sahu el 13 de Feb. de 2023
The issue with your approach is that you are trying to use matrix addition between two arrays with different shapes. The first loop results in a 3D matrix of size (2 * range + 1)^3, whereas the second approach results in a 1D vector of size (2 * range + 1). You cannot add these two arrays together because they have different shapes.
To solve this problem, you can try to reshape the 1D vector into a 3D matrix of the same size as the output of the first loop before adding it to the canvas matrix. The following code should work:
[x, y, z] = ndgrid(-range:1:range, -range:1:range, -range:1:range);
result = const * exp(-sum(((delta * [x(:), y(:), z(:)] * RotationMatix) ./ [a, a, b]).^2));
%reshape so the result can be added to the canvas
result = reshape(result, size(x));
canvas(index(1)-range:index(1)+range, index(2)-range:index(2)+range, index(3)-range:index(3)+range) += result;


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