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Error with "ShowDetails" property in SatelliteScenarioViewer and conicalSensor parent input

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Hi, I am following the Matlab example Satellite Constellation Acces to a Ground Station but I have two errors in the code:
  1. The line "v = satelliteScenarioViewer(sc,"ShowDetails",false)" is not correct since "ShowDetails" does not exist according to Matlab. However, in the tutorial page it appears as a valid name-Value Argument. What is the problem then? Does it no longer exist? Is there an alternative to hide the orbits and labels of satellites and ground stations?
  2. My satellite input is a TLE file with a constellation of 40 sat. When I try to put a conicalSensor on each sat, an error appears saying that the parent (input 1) must be a scalar. This is the code with the error:
sat = satellite(sc, tleFile);
names = sat.Name + "Camera";
cam = conicalSensor(sat,"Name",names,"MaxViewAngle",90)
If I specify just one satellite writing "cam = conicalSensor(sat(4),"MaxViewAngle",90);" I don't have any problems, but on the example that I am following it says that I can obtain cam as an array of 1xN where N is the number of satellites. How?

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Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty el 3 de Jun. de 2022
Hi Anna Martinez,
The support for non-cluttered visualization using "ShowDetails" name-value pair started from MATLAB Release R2022a. Similarly, the support for vectorization of satellites is also started from MATLAB R2022a release.
See the release notes here for updates related to different MATLAB releases. The points I stated can be observed from satellite scenario enhancements heading of R2022a.
Based on the problem statement and the error message, I think the MATLAB release in which you tried these aspects, is prior to R2022a. Using MATLAB R2022a release would avoid the errors you are noticing. If you are using MATLAB R2022a and still noticing these errors, feel free to raise the issue through "Report a Bug".
Hope this helps.


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