read multiple columns from an excel spreadsheet by using xlsread

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I have an Excel sheet with 300 columns, from which I just need several ranges. In a normal case I use the "import data" app. But this time it is not possible, because some of the strings are double. I just want to read in the first row and from this, several columns (all strings).
Just as an example:
I have a first row with strings like this:
x= ["'[23Na]+'" , "'[24Mg]+'" , "'[25Mg]+'" , "'[26Mg]+'" , "'[26Mg]++'" , "'[27Al]+'" , "'C2H3+'" , "'[28Si]+'"]
And now I just want to have A1:B1 and E1:F1. How do I use here xlsread with several ranges to end with a string like this:
x= ["'[23Na]+'" , "'[24Mg]+'" , "'[26Mg]++'" , "'[27Al]+'"]
I am grateful for every hint.

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Arif Hoq
Arif Hoq on 29 Mar 2022
I guess you can not export multiple ranges data in Matlab.
Range must be of the form 'A1' (cell), 'A:B' (column-select), '1:5' (row-select), 'A1:B5' (rectangle-select), or a valid named range in the sheet.
Either you can export your data in multiple variable with range
or use readtable then process your data
Arif Hoq
Arif Hoq on 29 Mar 2022
maybe you are talking about file extension(.csv / .xlsx / .txt) not delimiters. As per i know you can define delimiters in text file (.txt). For excel or csv file readtable works efficiently as xlsread is not recommended. And i guess you can export either csv file or excel file once.
if you have further query please attach your code and data.It's better to suggest after that.

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