How to get the value corresponding to the data in an excel file

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I am trying to write an algorithm that calculates the values entered by the user and obtains a result, and prints the value in the 1st column corresponding to this result.
For now, let's ignore the initial calculations and get the result of the calculation directly from the user. This is how I did it;
T = readtable('katalog.xlsx');
in = input('Enter Input\n','s');
For example, the user found the answer 13.2 as a result.
Matlab should compare this result with the closest value in the excel file and output the text in the 1st column corresponding to that value.
You can check my excel file in the attachment.
Despite doing a lot of research, I couldn't find exactly how to do this. If you can help me with this, that would be great.

Answers (1)

Arif Hoq
Arif Hoq on 30 Mar 2022
try this:
userinput=36.1; % you can defined in a function "input"
minVal = 36
[row col]=find(D==minVal);
output = table
Var1 _______ {'AB8'}




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