Matlab Coder force boolean_T to be native C99 bool type

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How can I force matlab embedded coder to set "boolean_T" as "bool" C99 type?
Without that, I need explicit cast conversion I/O signals mapping for int->boolean_t (not needed for int->bool).

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 3 Apr 2022
Edited: Ryan Livingston on 3 Apr 2022
This is question was asked on StackOverflow:
Here's the response I gave:
Switch up the hardware to something other than Generic->MATLAB Host Computer and you should get bool for C99:
cfg = coder.config('lib');
% Hit TAB to see other possible hardware or do
% open cfg
% and use the GUI to pick one
cfg.HardwareImplementation.ProdHWDeviceType = 'Intel->x86-64 (Linux 64)';
codegen f -args true -config cfg -report -std:c99
With MATLAB Host Computer, boolean_T is preserved in case some MATLAB libraries are pulled in to ensure binary compatibility.ave there


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