Repeated measures ANOVA with 2 variables with different levels

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Hi, I am trying to run a 2 way RMANOVA on this data called RMANOVA_Table_Analysis. I have also attached this dataset.
I am trying to get the main effect of background, color and the interaction between them. This is what I tried, looks like I am making an error in creating the repeated measures model.
Any pointers on how to do this correctly, would be much appreciated!

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Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie on 7 Apr 2022
rm = fitrm(dv, 'uniR - texB ~ 1 ', 'WithinDesign', withinDesign);
rm = fitrm(dv, 'uniR-texB ~ 1 ', 'WithinDesign', withinDesign);
Apparently, the fitrm function doesn't like the spaces on each side of the dash.
MM on 7 Apr 2022
Thank you for explaining! Makes sense why I get the error.

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