Generate C code from co-simulation model Simulink-MSC. ADAMS/Car

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Javier Guiterrez
Javier Guiterrez on 28 Sep 2011
I am trying to optimize my model parameters through design of experiments. So I have to run several simulations. What I want is to generate C-code from my simulink model. It has inside a block from MSC.ADAMS/Car to run in co-simulation. I want to know if this process is possible. I have already tried it but the error says:
_Invalid setting for environment variable MSDevDir or DevEnvDir.
The setting is: ''
You can verify the setting by checking for the existence of:
%DevEnvDir%\..\tools\vsvars32.bat (for Visual C/C++ 9.0)
%MSDevDir%\..\..\vc98\bin\vcvars32.bat (for Visual C/C++ 6.0)
%DevEnvDir%\..\tools\vsvars32.bat (for Visual C/C++ 8.0)
You must define MSDevDir or DevEnvDir to be:
set %DevEnvDir%=<VisualRoot>\common7\ide (for Visual C/C++ 9.0)
set %MSDevDir%=<VisualRoot>\common\msdev98 (for Visual C/C++ 6.0)
set %DevEnvDir%=<VisualRoot>\common7\ide (for Visual C/C++ 8.0)
_This error may be due to an invalid preference file:
C:\Documents and Settings\javgut\Datos de programa\MathWorks\MATLAB\R2010a\mexopts.bat
Please run "mex -setup" at the MATLAB prompt to correct_
At the beginning of the Matlab session I run the command mex -setup and selected the compiler by default. Is there any solution?
Thank you very much in advance

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