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solver configuration error simscape

Asked by cynthia
on 12 Jan 2015
Latest activity Answered by Evgeni Malev on 2 May 2019
Warning: The solver chosen is not recommended if the model is stiff, which is typical for models containing Simscape components. These solvers are typically preferred for Simscape models: ode23t, ode15s or ode14x (fixed-step). To disable this diagnostic, change the explicit solver diagnostic setting on the Simscape panel of the model Configuration Parameters.
i cant get the output waveform for chua oscillator circuit.

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Try changing your solver to a recommended solver. If you click anywhere in your model and run this command at the MATLAB Prompt:
>> set_param(bdroot,'Solver','ode23t','AbsTol','1e-4','RelTol','1e-3')
the solver will have recommended settings.

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1 Answer

Answer by Evgeni Malev on 2 May 2019

Thank You Steve!


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