How can I operate with a for loop on a two-dimensional matrix?

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Hello to everyone. There are matrices named X1 and Y1. Both are 3x109 in size. What I want to do here is to calculate the MEAN ABSOLUTE ERROR value of each row of these two matrices and save it in a matrix of size MAE=3x1.
To elaborate a little more, I'm saving the first rows of both matrices in an intermediate vector (BX and BY). I keep all the elements of these BX and BY vectors in the MAE operation and save them in the first row and column of the MAE vector. Then the same process should be done again for the 2nd row and the 3rd row. I wrote such a code, but I am not getting the correct result. I would be glad if you help.
for n=1:size(x1,1)
for m=1:size(x1,2)
mae(n)=sum(sqrt((BX(m) - x_T).^2 + (BY(m) - y_T).^2));

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David Hill
David Hill on 21 Apr 2022
Edited: David Hill on 21 Apr 2022

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