For loop in Simulink

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Mehdi on 17 Jan 2015
Commented: Carsci on 27 Jan 2015
Hi everyone,
I need to convert the following code to a SIMULINK model:
T = [2; 21; 22; 27; 27; 21; 18; 21; 26; 36];
for i = 1:10
C = T(i+1)/T(i);
I have used For Iterator Subsystem but I don't know how to apply the i variable to the model. The image of the model is attached herewith. Your help will be very much appreciated.
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Carsci on 19 Jan 2015
The question is lacking some boundary information for the case N=10. Specifically the calculation can be done for i = 1 : 9 or for i = 1 : 10. If N = 10 is required what is the value of T(i+1) to be used?

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Accepted Answer

Carsci on 19 Jan 2015
Here is a SIMULINK model that uses an Index Vector block with one-based indexing to get the ith data from T. Another Index Vector block gets the (i+1)th data using the zero-indexing option.
I used an Assignment block is used to create C as a vector of the same size as T.
The For Iterator is specified as i = 1:9 so the last value of C does not get updated but retains the initial value of 36 loaded from T at the start of the simulation.

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Mehdi on 20 Jan 2015
Edited: Mehdi on 20 Jan 2015
Thank you very much for your help. I made the model exactly as you depicted and used index vector and assignment blocks however, I get a 51x10 matrix for the output (C1) in the Workspace. I wonder if I have missed any settings in the assignment block. I have chosen "Index vector (port)" for Index option and "1" for the "number of output dimensions". Am I on the right track?
Thank you for your continued help.
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Carsci on 27 Jan 2015
In the workspace you will also have the time dimension. You can try changing the simulation settings so Simulink only calculates one iteration or just decimate the matrix in matlab.

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