How to create a double scale of units in figures?

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Hi guys,
I try to explain well my goal: I have a figure with several curves that are in dimensionless units (both x and y values).
I want to also show the SI units (km) both for x and y axis, as depicted in red in the figure above (I voluntalry omitted the numbers but their order of magnitude is about 1e+8 km). To get the km unit is sufficient to multiply the dimensionless value for 1.5e+8.
Here is my code and the matlab file "database.mat" that stores the database containing the curves.
load database.mat
% Family of 50 planar Lyapunov orbits around L1
for k1 = 1:(numel(files_L1_L2_Ly_prop))
"Color",my_green*1.1,'LineWidth',0.3); hold on
axis equal; grid on; box on;
% Plot L1 point
% Family of 50 planar Lyapunov orbits around L2
for k2 = 1:(numel(files_L1_L2_Ly_prop))
"Color",my_orange*1.1,'LineWidth',0.3); hold on
% Plot L2 point
'color',[0 0 0],'MarkerFaceColor',[0 0 0],'MarkerSize',10);
'$L_{2}$','Interpreter',"latex"); hold on
% Plot Earth + Moon system
plot(AstroData.mu_SEM_sys -1,0,'.',...
text(AstroData.mu_SEM_sys-1.00238,0-0.001,'$Earth + Moon$','Interpreter',"latex");

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DGM on 23 Apr 2022
Since R2019b, you should be able to use a method similar to this example to create the secondary x and y axes:
You may need to manipulate the limits, and ticks of the new axes in order to get them to correspond appropriately to the primary axes.
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Giuseppe on 23 Apr 2022
Thanks for you answer. I've already saw this method but in this way I would get overlapped curves, so it would be a waste of coding. Isnt' exist an easier solution to duplicate the axes and then change the scale?

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