need to find local maxima and minima of each row of a 7886 * 321 matrix stored in xlsx file.

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NotA_Programmer on 1 May 2022
Commented: Voss on 1 May 2022
filename = 'filtereddata.xlsx';
data = xlsread(filename);
Diff1= diff(data,1,2);
[rows, columns] = size(data);
extrema = zeros(7886,321);
for i=1:rows
[Diff1max,imax1,Diff1min,imin1] = extrema(Diff1(i,:));
Error: Insufficient number of outputs from right hand side of equal sign to satisfy assignment.

Accepted Answer

Voss on 1 May 2022
extrema is a 7886-by-321 matrix of zeros, so this expression:
says to get the elements of extrema at the indices given by Diff1(i,:). Those elements will be in a single matrix, so trying to assign them to the four variables Diff1max,imax1,Diff1min,imin1 is what causes the error.
I suspect you intend to use the function extrema from the File Exchange (, in which case you should avoid naming a variable the same name as that function. Use another name for the variable extrema, say my_extrema, if you need that variable (which it's not clear whether you do).
my_extrema = zeros(7886,321); % variable
for i=1:rows
[Diff1max,imax1,Diff1min,imin1] = extrema(Diff1(i,:)); % function call
% do something with the outputs from extrema function
% Diff1max,imax1,Diff1min,imin1

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