Two functions, how to read parameters created in one function in another function?

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I wanted to create two functions:
function model = CreateModel()
p1 = 1;
p1 = p1*30;
p2 = 50;
P = [p1 p2];
model.P = P;
and the second one:
function sol = CreateRandModel(model)
P = model.P;
HI = P(2);
sol.HI = HI;
They are in the separated mfiles with the names: CreateModel.m and CreateRandModel.m.
I have the problem that in function CreateRandModel I get a following error :
'Not enough input arguments.
Error in CreateRandModel (line 2)
P = model2.P;'
It looks like the second function doesn't see the first one. Could you help me to solve it?

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David Hill
David Hill on 2 May 2022
Works fine

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