How to Rescale X Axis in Plot

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Aaron Ouyang
Aaron Ouyang el 3 de Mayo de 2022
Editada: Les Beckham el 3 de Mayo de 2022
I'm plotting a 1470x28 double and I need to rescale the x axis. Right now, the x axis shows data from 0 to 1470, but I need to convert the units of the x axis so that they show the same data, but it says 0 to 2940 instead. Basically i just want the 1500 on the bottom right to become 3000 and I want the data to still extend to the 3000 tick. I attached a pic of what I currently have. Thanks.

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Les Beckham
Les Beckham el 3 de Mayo de 2022
Editada: Les Beckham el 3 de Mayo de 2022
Since you didn't show the code you used to generate the plot or include the data, I'll have to guess what the problem might be.
data = rand(28,1470); % made up data
for i = 1:28
data(i,:) = data(i,:) + i; % offset the data so it won't be on top of each other
plot(data') % maybe you were plotting without an x vector?
t = linspace(0, 1470*2, 1470); % create a vector specifying the data to use for the x axis
plot(t, data) % plot with new x data
Note the new range on the x axis.

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Voss el 3 de Mayo de 2022
Maybe this example will show you how you can do that.
First, I'll create a random matrix the same size as yours:
y = rand(1470,28);
And plot it like you are doing now (maybe):
That plots y against the sample numbers 1:1470.
Another way to do that is to explicitly use those numbers as x (the first argument) in plot:
plot(1:1470,y) % same as first plot
If you do it that way, then you can make x whatever you want (in this case, multiplying by 2):
plot(2*(1:1470),y) % doubling x





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