Hello, I am new to MATLAB, i need to process around 2000 CT images which are in .tiff format. The image is of material with defect, i want to find the 3d size of the defect

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I am new to MATLAB ...
I wish to do following things ....
  1. Read around 2000 CT images of a metal specimen.
  2. defect in metal are dark in color. I wish to calculate the 3d size of the defect.
Please guide me for the following steps:
  1. How to read 2000 CT images ..
  2. how to set the threshold intensity for identification of defect in the CT image
  3. how to calculate the 3D size of the defect and the CT image in which the 2d area of the inclusion is maximum.
Rik on 10 May 2022
If you're not able to read your files, questions about further processing are moot. You also already received an answer from Image Analyst. Did you read it?

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Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 May 2022
Can you fit the whole 3-D volumetric image into memory? If so use regionprops3 to ask for volume. If not, use regionprops to get the area of each slice and add them together. See my Fle Exchange for an image Segmentation Tutorial:


Find more on Image Preview and Device Configuration in Help Center and File Exchange

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