Please How do I extract data from a struct

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osemudiamen oriabure
osemudiamen oriabure el 6 de Mayo de 2022
Respondida: Bhavana Ravirala el 9 de Mayo de 2022
Please Im trying to merg data from a variable (struct) to another table. How do I archieve this?
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Monica Roberts
Monica Roberts el 6 de Mayo de 2022
What does the struct look like? What variable in the struct are you trying to get?
You can use dot indexing to get variables within a struct
% If struct "s" has fields "a", "b", "c"
myVariable = s.b; % collects the values in "b"
Star Strider
Star Strider el 6 de Mayo de 2022
The struct2table function will convert the structure to a table.
Integrating it with another table depends on what the variables are and the existing table. Merging them could be anything from straightforward to impossible.

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Bhavana Ravirala
Bhavana Ravirala el 9 de Mayo de 2022
Hi osemudiamen oriabure,
I understand that you are trying to convert a struct variable to a table and then merge it with another table. You may convert a struct into a table with the help of the "struct2table" function and join with another table with the help of "join" function.
s.person=[ 'a' ,'b', 'c'];
s.height=[ 5.3, 5.11, 6.1];
t= struct2table(s); % converting struct to table
T= join(T,t); % T is already existing table
For more information refer below documentations:
Hope this helps!!


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