Colormap limits between 0 and 1

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Below I have a small code which outputs an image from a simulation. The image I get will have an arbitrary axis for intensity, which I would love to have scaled to be between values of 0 and 1.
How can I achieve this?
Ex = reshape(csvread('gif240psex.td2', 23), 101, 101, []);
Ey = reshape(csvread('gif240psey.td2', 23), 101, 101, []);
pcolor(mean(abs(Ex).^2 + abs(Ey).^2, 3))
shading interp
title('VCSEL Intensity Graph')
xlabel('x-Length (μm)')
ylabel('y-Length (μm)')

Accepted Answer

Riccardo Scorretti
Riccardo Scorretti on 6 May 2022
I think you have to rescale the plotted quantity. That is:
val = mean(abs(Ex).^2 + abs(Ey).^2, 3);
val = val / max(val(:));

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