Matlab function in Simulink

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Mohammad Nasiri
Mohammad Nasiri on 7 May 2022
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 10 May 2022
I have a function which is also consist of some functions.
I want to run a simulink to put a controller to control the mass flow rate.
But, when I can the matlab function from simulink, I received a lot of errors (about the optimization part and etc.).
How can I run this matlab function continiously insimulink without error?
Mohammad Nasiri
Mohammad Nasiri on 8 May 2022
Let me explain better.
There is a mass flow rate of H2 inside a fuel cell. As H2 is consued, H2O is produced and electricty and heat is generated.
All is done my some functions all in matlab.
I want to use the remaining H2 at the outlet egain (it is called recirculation), and I am sugessted to do it in simulink,
But, as I have some function like fmincon, I receive a lot of errors.

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Answers (1)

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 10 May 2022
Hello Mohammad,
This answer addresses using the 'coder.extrinsic' setting to use more complicated functions so they work with Simulink inside of the matlab function block.


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