How to have a numerical legend showing with a categorical histogram?

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Konstantin J
Konstantin J on 10 May 2022
Edited: dpb on 11 May 2022
I am trying to do something like in the following example below. I am trying to get a histogram with the distribution of genders. But additionally, I would like to include another array with stroke values (0 - no stroke, 1 - stroke). I want them to be in legend, but also as bars.
When I do this, I get:
Any help is appreciated,
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dpb on 10 May 2022
You need to use the 'grouped' style with the y data a 3 row by 2 column array to get the grouped plot. Folks could help a lot easier if you would attach your data file instead of having to make up something...

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dpb on 10 May 2022
The legend labels are just text; you can make then whatever you want -- try something like:
nStroke=[2000,100;2750,125]; % make up roughly same data
ylim([0 2900])
pretty-much reproduces your example figure. "Salt to suit!" for colors, other details...
dpb on 11 May 2022
Oh. I see. Looking at one of the models that echo'ed the input I see the "Stroke" column is in the dataset but isn't listed/shown in the preview window.
Attach the .mat file you've loaded here; it takes a registration from that site that I don't have/don't want to create.
But, in general, to get the data to create the plot from the raw data using the observed stroke data,
will then give you the summary statistics from which the bar graph can be created.
ADDENDUM: The definition of the categorical variable for gender is as it is so the plot will show the x axis order of "Male" first; otherwise MATLAB creates/orders categories alphabetically which would put "Female" first. That's the only reason for making ordinal.

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