How to make input in degree value with dwell time ?

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How to make the following statement in simulink ?
"enter a step move of 270 deg of the rotor, a dwell time of 8 seconds anda return step move"
Is this make from 'Step input', 'Sine wave' or other way ?

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 18 May 2022
Edited: Joel Van Sickel on 18 May 2022
Hello Rishan,
this is a fairly complicated question depending how far you have to take it. If you want to create a Simulink model that is just a value that is 0, then goes to 270, and then back to 0 after 8 seconds, you can use a source block to create that.
To do it more complicated would require using some sort of timer. An integrator with an input value of 1 is an easy to implement a timer in Simulink. When it's output is 8, 8 seconds have passed. You can also reset the integrator once your reached the relevant time. However, if you need to make an actual motor move, you have to then translate that command to actual motor commands, which is very dependent on what type of motor you are using.
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Thanks Joel for your answer,
Actually this is question taken from assignment, it ask to use step input to make that input. I made step time=8 second, start value=0, final value=270, sample time=0 in side the paramenters of step input. Suppose it ok or do you have any other proposal ?

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