Three phase breaker controll by phase difference

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My project is, to make a three phase breaker control in Simulink, and I need a controlling logic, that closes the breaker (gives 1 in output), when a phase difference on the different sides of the breaker is below 0.002 pu, for 0.2s. All in all, I would need a control logic, that gives 1, when a sign is below 0.002 for 0.2 sec. Thanks for help.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 18 May 2022
first, you need to make sure you know the basics of the tools, so you need to start here:
Then, in Simulink, you can test to see how long a signal is below that value by using a resetable integrator. Pass a 1 into the integrator when the signal is below the value, then the output of that integrator tells you how long the signal has been high. Reset the integrator when the signal goes back to zero to reset the timer. After the signal closes, you probably want to latch the signal so that it stays closed.

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