Interpreter Latex for uitreenode with uistyle not working

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I am trying to reproduce the following example from the documentation page of uistyle:
fig = uifigure("Position",[500 500 300 350]);
tr = uitree(fig,"Position",[10 10 200 250]);
n1 = uitreenode(tr,Text="Circles");
n2 = uitreenode(tr,Text="Rose Curves");
n11 = uitreenode(n1,Text="$$r=a\cos(\theta)$$");
n12 = uitreenode(n1,Text="$$r=a\sin(\theta)$$");
n21 = uitreenode(n2,Text="$$r=a\cos(n\theta)$$");
n22 = uitreenode(n2,Text="$$r=a\sin(n\theta)$$");
s = uistyle("Interpreter","latex");
But I get:
Unrecognized property 'Interpreter' for class ''.
What did I do wrong? I have Matab 2021b.
I need to customize the node-name in a Tree on the App designer. I need something like: "Mesh 1: object_one"

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Veronica Taurino
Veronica Taurino on 12 May 2022
Solved. I just upgraded to Matlab 2022a

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