Can't create Partial Dependence Plot

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James McBrearty
James McBrearty on 13 May 2022
I am currently working in have 2022a, and I have an App that creates Regression/Classification Models. I am trying to show how the target depends on some generated features, so I want to plot some Partial Dependence graphs, however, I am unable to do this. The Model I have is a RegressionLinear model and looks like this:
If I try and use the command line to run a Partial Dependence Plot, it doesn't obtain any features:
If I try and call this the way that the documentation describes (plotPartialDependence(Mdl,1)), I get this:
Is there anything that I'm doing wrong, it does say that RegressionLinear is allowed for PartialDependence plots, so I'm confused.

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