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Co-simulation between Simulink and Gazebo with ROS 2: How to include GazeboPlugin in a launch file?

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I want to co-simulate this robot developed in ROS 2 with Simulate (control) and Gazebo (visual). Just in case, I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 running ROS Melodic and ROS 2 Dashing.
I've successfully co-simulated the UR10 robot with ROS following the tutorial of MathWorks: Control Manipulator Robot with Co-Simulation in Simulink and Gazebo.
However, I'm wondering how could be done this with ROS 2 and with a robot containing a more complex architecture (.launch instead of .world). I've seen here that the GazeboPlugin is available in C++, but I'm not sure about how to integrate it to the .launch of the existent project.
Any help is welcome.

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Gaurav Bhosale
Gaurav Bhosale el 20 de Mayo de 2022
Editada: Gaurav Bhosale el 20 de Mayo de 2022
Hi Jon,
In the VM, the plugin location is /home/user/src/GazeboPlugin/
The Plugin C++ code is located at /home/user/src/GazeboPlugin/src/gazeboplugin/GazeboPlugin.cpp
You can refer Gazebo Co-Sim tutorial.
Further, .launch file should include .world file and respective .world file should contain <plugin> details.
To integrate Gazebo Co-Sim plugin, you need add <plugin> details in the .world file as mentioned in this example.
<plugin name="GazeboPlugin" filename="lib/"><portNumber>14581</portNumber></plugin> [ Relative Path - if Gazebo launched from /home/user/src/GazeboPlugin/export/ ]
<plugin name="GazeboPlugin" filename="/home/user/src/GazeboPlugin/export/lib/"><portNumber>14581</portNumber></plugin> [ Absolute Path ]
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Jon Aztiria
Jon Aztiria el 25 de Mayo de 2022
Thanks for the answer @Gaurav Bhosale. However, I would need a more detailed guide to integrate it to the mentioned robot with a ROS 2 launch file, but don't worry, it's not extremely necessary for me right now. Thanks again!

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