How can I use STFT with Wavelet?

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studentmatlaber on 30 May 2022
Hello everyone, I am applying the example in the link. But additionally I add Wavelet to it. I applied 5 level wavelet. I am trying to implement the block diagram below.
Normally I was writing audio in STFT. But now I have to write c after applying wavelet? How can I use STFT with Wavelet?
approx = appcoef(c,l,'bior3.1',5);
[cd1,cd2,cd3,cd4,cd5] = detcoef(c,l,[1 2 3 4 5]);
windowLength = 256;
win = hamming(windowLength,"periodic");
overlap = round(0.75 * windowLength);
ffTLength = windowLength;
fs = 16e3;
numFeatures = ffTLength/2 + 1;
numSegments = 8;
inputFs = 16e3;
cleanSTFT = stft(c,'Window',win,'OverlapLength',overlap,'FFTLength',ffTLength); %normally it was written audio instead of c. But do I have to write c after the wavelet?
cleanSTFT = abs(cleanSTFT(numFeatures-1:end,:));

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