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Exponential Linear Regression fitting model?

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matteo on 29 Jan 2015
Answered: Torsten on 29 Jan 2015
Hi everyone,
I'd like to have an help to resolve the following problem,
I have this relationship Y=b*exp(-a/x), I know the values of Y and x, but I need to find the values of a and b. Can I use the linear regression model (polyfit/polyval)? In case it is possible, how can I use it?
Thank you,

Accepted Answer

Torsten on 29 Jan 2015
Take LOG on both sides:
Then fit LOG(Y) against 1/x using polyfit for a polynomial of degree 1.
Alternatively, use lsqcurvefit to fit the data to the original model (the results for a and b for both approaches will differ).
Best wishes

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