plotting 2 models on one histogram

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Jonathan Louie
Jonathan Louie on 7 Jun 2022
Answered: the cyclist on 7 Jun 2022
How would I do this:
In a different figure, plot the histograms of x_ar and x_nr on the same graph for the entire time series of the simulations. Normalize the representation of both histograms with the option ‘probability’. To facilitate the comparison of these two histograms use the same bin edges for each of them. We recommend using bins of 15 molecules ranging from 0 to 350 molecules. Add appropriate labels and a legend to your figure.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 7 Jun 2022
Here is a hint to get you started.
N = 1000;
x1 = randn(N,1);
x2 = randn(N,1) + 2;
hold on
Everything else you need to do is described in the histogram documentation, I believe.


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