I get an error that I cannot connect to MathWork

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I cannot connect to mathworks when running the mathworks installer
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Jan on 8 Jun 2022
Edited: Jan on 8 Jun 2022
Okay. What is your question? Does the computer have an active internet connection? Do you try this from inside Russia and there is a limitation? Do you search for an off-line installer? Is there a temporal problem with Matlab's server? Please post a copy of the complete error message.

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Chandrika on 9 Jun 2022
As per my understanding, the connection error preventing MathWorks installer from connecting to the MathWorks servers is likely to result from an Antivirus software or Proxy server. To avoid the issue, first try locating the Antivirus protection program icon on the system tray of the Operating System you are using, and temporarily disable the antivirus software. If the issue doesn't get resolved, further try disabling the proxy by deselecting the checkbox for Use a proxy server for your LAN under the LAN settings in your browser.
If the issue still persists and the MathWorks installer is unable to connect to MathWorks, resort to an offline installation or activation. Please refer to the following related documentations for assistance on the same:




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