how to open .bim image file

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nuclear medicine
nuclear medicine on 9 Jun 2022
Answered: Chandrika on 13 Jun 2022
want to read and comvert .bim image file to png

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Chandrika on 13 Jun 2022
As per my understanding, you want to read and convert a blocked image into png file format.
In MATLAB, you can do this using the 'images.blocked.PNGBlocks' adapter. It creates a 'PNGBlocks' object which reads and writes 2-D blocked image data in the PNG format.
If 'bim' is your blocked image, first write it to files using 'images.blocked.PNGBlocks' as the adapter.
wa = images.blocked.PNGBlocks();
write(bim, "dirOfPNGs", "Adapter", wa);
Here, 'dirOfPNGs' corresponds to the folder of images created. Next, to create a blocked image file having Blockformat as 'png', refer to the following command:
bpng = blockedImage("dirOfPNGs");
For a better understanding, please follow the documentation on PNGBlocks
Hope it helps!





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