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Hi. In my GUIDE gui, I have a "RUN" push button, whose callback function runs through a block of conditional statements to check that the entered inputs are valid. For some bad inputs, I generate an error message, but for others, just a warning. (this is done by updating the string of a listbox).
What I would like to do is make visible a panel that asks if the person wishes to ignore the warnings and proceed anyways. This panel has a button group with two push buttons labeled "yes" and "no"
Is there a way at the end of the "RUN" push button callback function to do something like the following:
if ~isempty(warning_msg)
ignore_warning = warning_buttongroup_SelectionChangeFcn
This checks if there are any warning messages, if yes, it makes visible the panel with the question and push button. The 3rd statemenet, however, I don't believe will work. Is there a way I can make it wait until a selectionchange is detected?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Oct 2011
ignore_warning = false;
if ~isempty(warning_msg)
waitfor(handles.warning_buttongroup, 'SelectedObject');
if ishandle(handles.warning_buttongroup) %ensure not deleted
whichobject = get(handles.warning_buttongroup, 'SelectedObject');
ignore_warning = strcmp(get(whichObject,'Tag'),'Yes'); %or the like
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Oct 2011
uibuttongroups aren't supposed to work on push buttons... I'm surprised it didn't complain.

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