Lost my selfpaced online course progress after update

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I was using the self paced online courses in matlabacademy to educate myself. Today it asked for a version update. when i did i lost all my progress and also previously done course certificates and progress. let me know how to get my progress back

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Chandrika on 17 Jun 2022
As per my understanding, due to version update your online course progress disappeared. In this case, irrespective of the version, you can track your progress for a course using the progress report generated from the 'Certificate' section. The report shall entail your module wise progress.
If this method does not cater well to your requirement, you can edit and switch to the previous version by logging into https://matlabacademy.mathworks.com/ and clicking on the 'Settings' option next to the course.
Hope this helps!

Jai Khurana
Jai Khurana on 28 Jun 2022
I understand that you lost the progress of your MATLAB selfpaced online course after updating the version.
The progress displayed is for the selected version of the course.To see your progress for all versions of the course and get a certificate of completion, choose 'View/Share Certification'. If you were working in a different version, switch versions by logging into https://matlabacademy.mathworks.com/ and clicking on the gear icon next to the course.
You can also refer to the MATLAL answer - Why did all my online course progress disappear? - (mathworks.com) for better understanding.


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