How to delete a row from stats table generated by regionprops3 based on table values ?

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I have generated a stats table by regionprops3 for a 3D binary image. I wish to delete specific rows from the table based on one of the cell value. For e.g if one the column in the table is Volume, i wish to delete all rows with voume less than 200.
My stats table also has "IMAGE" column which is a cell which contains a 3D matrix of the boundary box of the object calculated by regionprops3. I also wish to delete rows based on the size of this IMAGE column.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 21 de Jun. de 2022
You could call bwareaopen to get rid of those blobs before calling regionprops3.
Otherwise you could delete rows something like this
badRows = t.Volume < 200;
t(badRows, :) = [];
To do the bounding box computations I suggest you get the 'BoundingBox' property, not the 'Image' property.


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