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Adnan Jayyousi
Adnan Jayyousi on 21 Jun 2022
Answered: Nitanshu on 28 Jun 2022
Hello everyone,
I have imported a time table including 8760 hours (one year hours),
I want to make some logic and,
How can I make a statement that returns '1' or '0' if a day is inbetween days ?
or if a month is in between months range ?
for example :
If "feb" is between "jan" and "march" --> return '1'
if "thursday" is between "sunday" & "wedendsday" --> return '0'
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dpb on 21 Jun 2022
See withinrange and/or timerange and friends...

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Accepted Answer

Nitanshu on 28 Jun 2022
Hi Adnan,
Probably you could take help from the below code where i did it for checking if a particular date lies between two dates or not. Also for more information you could take the help of this article.
t1 = datetime(2022, 3, 2); % t1 denotes 2 march 2022
t2 = datetime(2022, 10, 4); % t2 denotes 4 october 2022
t3 = datetime(2022, 11, 5); % t3 denotes 5 november 2022
range = timetable(t1, t2)
is_t3_in_range = withinrange(range, t3)
Hope it helps!

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