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how to transform files drom double to struct

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ELISABETTA BILLOTTA el 1 de Jul. de 2022
Respondida: Balaji Udayagiri el 5 de Jul. de 2022
i need to estrapolate data from matlab and use them in Qgis.
I need shapefile data and with shapewrite it doesn't work.
contourf(XX,YY,ZZ,100,'linecolor','none'); where XX,YY,ZZ are 181x151 double
qgis1=contourf(XX,YY,ZZ,100,'linecolor','none'); where qgis1 is 2x2479 double
i had a plot with contourf and this error:
Error using shapewrite
Expected input number 1, S, to be one of these types:
struct, table, mappoint, geopoint, mapshape, geoshape
Instead its type was double.
So, is there a method to convert a matrix double to a struct and obtain always a contourf graph?
Can anyone help me?

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Balaji Udayagiri
Balaji Udayagiri el 5 de Jul. de 2022
Hi Elissabetta
As per my understanding, you want to convert your double data into a datatype which is a valid input to shapewrite() function.
Since, shapewrite() function takes a table as input. I recommend using the array2table() function to convert the variable to table.
Alternatively, you can also look at this solution to convert it to a struct:


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