Pattern Pie chart plot

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Shariful Islam
Shariful Islam el 4 de Jul. de 2022
Comentada: Shariful Islam el 4 de Jul. de 2022
Dear Altruist,
How can I create this types of Pie chart in MATLab?

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Raghav el 4 de Jul. de 2022
You can use the pie() function in MATLAB to make such a piechart. You can use a 'labels' array to label your piechart.
X = [1 5 6 10 13 52];
labels = {'Oceania','South America','North America','Europe','Africa','Asia'};
explode=[1 0 0 0 0 0];
The reason for using explode parameter is to prevent overlap of 'South America' and 'Oceania' label. When a pie slice is <2% of total, then overlap happens in label of that slice with neighbouring slice's label.Put ith value of explode array =1 to offset the ith pie slice, like Oceania in above example.The values I took in 'X' array are by approximation and to understand better you can read the documentation attached below:
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Shariful Islam
Shariful Islam el 4 de Jul. de 2022
Thanks @Raghav for your reply. But I want to create such patterens instead of colors in the pie chart. Could you please help me?

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