Concatenate cell array in matlab

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In Matlab you can concatenate arrays by saying -
How do you do something similar with a cell array?
The code above keeps on nesting cells within cells. I just want to append elements to the cell array. How do I achieve this?
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Stephen23 on 14 Jul 2022
Edited: Stephen23 on 14 Jul 2022
"In Matlab you can concatenate arrays by saying "
Yes, and the square bracket concatenation operator works with all types of array, not just numeric ones. Lets try:
[1,2,pi] % concatenate scalars
C1 = {1,'cat'};
C2 = {2,'hat'};
[C1;C2] % concatenate cell arrays
ans = 2×2 cell array
{[1]} {'cat'} {[2]} {'hat'}
T1 = cell2table(C1,'VariableNames',{'A','B'});
T2 = cell2table(C2,'VariableNames',{'A','B'});
[T1;T2] % concatenate tables
ans = 2×2 table
A B _ _______ 1 {'cat'} 2 {'hat'}
S1 = string(C1);
S2 = string(C2);
[S1;S2] % concatenate strings
ans = 2×2 string array
"1" "cat" "2" "hat"
... etc etc.
In contrast, using {} is not a concatenation operator, it creates a cell array. So when you used {a,'abc'} you told MATLAB to create a new cell array containing those arrays.

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Anay Aggarwal
Anay Aggarwal on 13 Jul 2022
Edited: Anay Aggarwal on 13 Jul 2022
Hi Yash
I have an understanding that you want to concatenate array.
If a and b are cell arrays, then you concatenate them in the same way you concatenate other arrays: using []:
>> a={1,'f'}
a =
1×2 cell array
{[1]} {'f'}
>> b={'q',5}
b =
1×2 cell array
{'q'} {[5]}
>> [a,b]
ans =
1×4 cell array
{[1]} {'f'} {'q'} {[5]}
To append a single element, you can do a{end+1}=1 or a(end+1)={1}.
Hope this helps

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