Trim signal on x-axis

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Lelo el 15 de Jul. de 2022
Respondida: Pratheek el 15 de Sept. de 2023
Is there any possible way to trim a signal on its x-axis in Simulink?
I created a sine wave with a phaseshift in my model. Along with other calculations, I need to calculate the RMS of my signal. I found the RMS-block in simulink, which should do exactly what I want. But as my sine is phase-shifted, it continues to calculate a wrong RMS.
How can i cut-off the phase shift? It is not possible to just create a sine without a phase shift, because my Simulink model has to work also with other signals which are quite noisy.
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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE el 25 de En. de 2023
I am surprised you can't do the RMS because of a phase shift ??
can you create a simplified model and share it ?

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Pratheek el 15 de Sept. de 2023
Hi Lelo,
I understand that you are not getting the correct RMS value, but RMS value doesn't vary with change in phase shift.
For your other question to cutoff the phaseshift you can leverage the help of Variable Time delay block in simulink.
Please go through the following link for more information:
Hope this helps you!


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