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Not able to run software template model for logistics.

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Vedansh Garg
Vedansh Garg el 18 de Jul. de 2022
Respondida: UDAYA PEDDIRAJU el 15 de En. de 2024
I am working upon the OFDM transmitter receiver model example by matlab, zynqRadioHWSWOFDMAD9361AD9364SL. We are able to run it n ZC706 evaluation board but the software template model isnt displaying an logistics and constellation diagram. We used spectrum analyser to ensure that the signal is being transmitted. We develop the software template as given in the model before generating the bitstream. Sometimes on using monitor and tune option it shows Checksum error and sometimes it just stucks on Establishing Connection and keep stagnant. We nsured the connection using devzynq function at IP address of Please help in finding out where we are going wrong.

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UDAYA PEDDIRAJU el 15 de En. de 2024
Hello Vedansh,
I understand that you’re facing issues with the OFDM transmitter receiver model example on the “ZC706” evaluation board. Here are a few things you could check:
  1. Software Template: Ensure that the software template has been correctly generated and implemented, also check software compatibility (including the MATLAB version and support packages for the model).
  2. Checksum Error: This could be due to a mismatch between the transmitted and received data. You might have to check the integrity of your data and make sure it’s being correctly encoded and decoded.
  3. Establishing Connection: If the software is getting stuck at “Establishing Connection”, it could be a problem with the network settings or the connection between your PC and the “ZC706” board. Make sure that the IP address is correctly configured, and the physical connection is stable.
  4. Spectrum Analyzer: It’s good that you’re using a spectrum analyser to ensure that the signal is being transmitted. However, keep in mind that just because a signal is being transmitted doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being correctly received or processed. Apart from the above mentioned suggestions you can try reconnecting the hardware properly then restarting the model, do software updates or try with some other pc.
Please refer to the following documentation and make sure everything is as per the procedure given:
I hope this resolves your issue!

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