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Simulink Android Setup - SDK not detected

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Prashant el 19 de Jul. de 2022
Respondida: Sutanu Maiti el 20 de Jul. de 2022
So I recently installed Matlab R2022a and wanted to test Android App. I believe I've followed the procedure to the letter however I am getting stuck at the point where setup verifies the SDK location. Please see images below for reference:
  1. Android Studio version 26.03.2020
2. SDK version 32
3. NDK version 23.1.7779620
4. Android SDK Platform-Tools Installed
5. Error:
  • I've double checked and there's no whitespace in my SDK folder link.
  • I've even installed version 30 of SDK just to see if it solved the problem but no luck.
  • This works if I select "Latest Version" on first menu page however I'm not sure if the latest version is stable enough for the project and would prefer to use "Tested version".
Does anyone knows if I'm missing somether here ?

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Sutanu Maiti
Sutanu Maiti el 20 de Jul. de 2022
Hi Prashant,
If selecting "latest version" on hte first screen lets you go through the TestApp on the final screen, then you may continue using it. It is stable and have no issues.
On the first screen, the display version numbers for platform and build tools must be installed to go through. Please install build tools 30.0.3 as mentioned below:
Also, watch for an Support package update this month. That has fixes for the latest version numbers.


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