MATLAB data pop-ups on geoplot

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Phoebe Whittam
Phoebe Whittam el 20 de Jul. de 2022
Respondida: Nivedita el 8 de Sept. de 2023
I've created a geoplot in MATLAB with the locations of various test sites and was wondering if there is a way to create pop-up displays or other graphs of the data for each site if you hover over the site's location, or something similar. Does anyone know a way to do this?
Many thanks for help in advance
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz el 20 de Jul. de 2022
Are you describing data tips? If so, they should be enabled with geographic axes.

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Nivedita el 8 de Sept. de 2023
Hi Phoebe,
I understand that you are trying to make the geoplot in MATLAB more interactive and informative.
You can try using the “geobubble” function which allows to visualize data values at specific geographic locations. It might come handy for your use case. You can refer to the following documentation links for the “geobubble” function and its properties:
I hope this helps!


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