Multi Windows App in Matlab App Designer

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Mohammad Fawzan Alim
Mohammad Fawzan Alim el 23 de Jul. de 2022
Editada: Kevin Holly el 23 de Jul. de 2022
I am new to App Designer. I am trying to make an app that will have three windows. First window will take two input and pass it to second window, which will do the main job. After the user is done, they will click on exit/DONE button, which will show text passed on from second window. I dont know if I should create three different app or single app? If I want to create three app, first app need to be closed right after calling second app and second app should close right after calling the third app. In this case, where do I keep the public properties? If I want to create only one app, I wanted to create a few functions, for example: hideWindow1, openWindow2 something like that which will hide all the components of window 1 when opening window 2. I would prefer to do this as I am a beginner. But the problem is, when designing, I have to design everything in the same window, which is very messy. Please provide me some suggestions. Thank you

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly el 23 de Jul. de 2022
Editada: Kevin Holly el 23 de Jul. de 2022
I would create 3 different apps. You can make the window's of the app (UIFigures) visible/invisible when you want to. You can store your property variables in any of the apps, but I normally store most of my variables in the "mainapp", which I use to call the others. You can change the close function of the app, so that they only go invisible - this way you don't have to worry about properties variables of that app disappearing. When you close the mainapp, you can have the close function in the mainapp close the rest of the apps.
Useful Documentation:
For an example, see one of my multiwindowed apps on the File Exchange: Rodent Tracker


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