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bus gogen
bus gogen on 27 Jul 2022
Edited: Adam Danz on 27 Jul 2022
Hello everyone, I want to create a 3d bar graph with 3 axes but somehow I couldn't do because matlab ploting browser wants only x and y information. I created the graph by using stem3 command and the output is shown above but I would like to have the graph as shown below:
stem3(d,m,p, '-b','LineWidth',4);
xlabel('d'); ylabel('m'); zlabel('p');
zoom on; grid on;
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dpb on 27 Jul 2022
You'll be disappointed, but bar3 is the best it gets in basic MATLAB. You can specify the years on the Y axis, but X is implied by the number of columns in Z and will be from 1:6 in your case; you'll have to use xticktabel to label them.
It really, really is a weak link/entry -- always has been; seemingly always will be, I've railed about it and bar for 30 years with no real effect.

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Answers (2)

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 27 Jul 2022
You can use bar3.
xlabel('d'); ylabel('m'); zlabel('p');
dpb on 27 Jul 2022
You have to arrange p to be a 2D array with years the rows; the various categories the columns.

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dpb on 27 Jul 2022
p=10*abs(randn(7,6)); % some dummy data -- 7 periods by 6 systems
d=[72 142 225 275 975 2475 5975]; % the return period values
m={'Structure','Contents','Mechanical','Electrical','IT','Windows'}; % systems
bar3(p,0.6) % the basic bar3 plot
xticklabels(m), yticklabels(d) % label the tick values
xlabel('System') % and the axes
ylabel(['Return' newline 'Period'])
gives a crude starting point -- will need a lot of cleanup yet to be presentable, but puts the data on the axes...
@Adam Danz -- you listening??? :)
dpb on 27 Jul 2022
@Adam Danz -- I'm always doing that for some reason -- thanks for the correction.
In this case the actual values aren't terribly helpful for numeric plotting because the scaling is grossly weighted to one end, but as a general precept/facility it's useful on occasion. The "standard" barplot typically is just fixed bar spacing, granted, but when it's helpful, it's painful to not have it available.
One other thing about bar3 -- there is no handle to the overall object and, ergo, no way to fix up things like the 'width' parameter after the fact to fine-tune -- one has to do it over and over again from the git-go. I suppose it's owing to the need to resize both directions makes it harder than for the 1D version, but still...

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