How can I have a user select multiple options and quantity of each?

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I am trying to write a function that has the user select which options they want and how many. So either in a display window or the command window, it would show something like:
Tanks: ____
Infantry: ____
Artillery: ____
Fighters: ____
Then the user could input numbers into the window which would result in an array [1, 10, 0, 2] indicating 1 tank, 10 infantry, 0 artillery, and 2 fighters.
I have tried uicontrol and although I didn't get it to work, I may be using it wrong. A display window like "menu" would be ideal, but the command window works just as well. I would supply my script that I currently have, but I really have nothing so far. Any insight is appreciated.

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly el 27 de Jul. de 2022
You can use inputdlg.
If you want to make something more sophisticated, you could create an app with App Designer.
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