how to use gscatter in matlab app designer?

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Muazma Ali
Muazma Ali on 27 Jul 2022
Commented: Kevin Holly on 29 Jul 2022
Hi !
I have tried to use gscatter in app designer then I experienced two problems;
  • I have problems with adjusting my axis; I want my x-axis to go from 0 to 1 and my y axis to go from 50 to 500 , by changing the tick values I didnt succeed with my problem
  • I got this error message when I used UIAxes as my first argument in gscatter function ( shown in the picture attached) . Is it not possible to use gscatter then in the app designer?

Answers (1)

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 27 Jul 2022
I didn't have an issue using gscatter (see app attached).
I used the following commands:
xlim(app.UIAxes,[0 1])
ylim(app.UIAxes,[50 500])
What version of MATLAB are you using?
Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 29 Jul 2022
If you are using R2018b, then see the attached app that uses the following workaround:
h = gscatter(rand(10,1),500*rand(10,1));
xlim(app.UIAxes,[0 1])
ylim(app.UIAxes,[50 500])

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