Control system tuner is not finding all tunable parameters in model

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Scott on 11 Feb 2015
Edited: Jaroslav Jirkovsky on 23 Sep 2015
I have a model with multiple controllers. When using the Control System Tuner, it does not always treat all of them as tuneable.
For example, I placed a few PID blocks from the Simulink Library directly into the model. Then opened the CST and was only able to select one of the blocks.
Another try I placed multiple transfer functions in the model. This time it would let me select all of the blocks, but when tuning, it would throw an error that the blocks did not contain tuneable parameters. Sometimes some of the blocks would be tuned and some would be ignored.
In general, I can't figure out when/why sometimes the blocks seem to be tuneable and others they aren't. I have copied the ones that are and put them in a different location and they are no longer being treated as tuneable.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Answers (1)

Jaroslav Jirkovsky
Jaroslav Jirkovsky on 22 Sep 2015
Edited: Jaroslav Jirkovsky on 23 Sep 2015
I observed the same situation with PID Controller blocks. There are two PID controllers in my model - PID Controller and PID Controller1 - but only one (PID Controller) was listed in the Select Blocks to Tune dialog.
The issue has been resolved by changing names of the PID controller blocks. The names have to be different so that one name is not only extension of the other. Examples: block names PID Controller and PID Controller1 are wrong; block names PID Controller1 and PID Controller2 work well and both controllers are listed in Select Blocks to Tune dialog window.

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