#minidronecompetition What's the theoretical maximum should I make my design and solution for turning angle of the tracking line ?

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Hi, Thank you very much for the opportunity to let us participate in this wonderful competition EMEA2022 MiniDrone, Now nearly in our last touches for our solution and we would like to confirm about the max possible turning angle of the tracking line which could be tested against our solution after submitting it.Is it need to be very large turning angle >145° ? here is a link about the problems wich could be with very high angle turning https://youtu.be/RpXicYxZV34 Eagle Team Captain: Yasir M. Suliman A. Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, EU.

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Pratheek el 13 de Sept. de 2023
Hello Yasir,
I fully understand your concern, and we would like to inform you that it would be advantageous for the algorithm to be capable of precisely tracking turning angles exceeding 145 degrees.
Hope this clarifies your inquiry!


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