App Designer: Standalone Desktop App is not enabled. How to activate?

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HelloI have a MATLAB R2020a student license. I created an application, in App Designer, but I cannot compile as Standalone Desktop App as shown in the figure below.
Can anyone tell me why this option is not enabled for me?

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 10 Aug 2022
Do you have a MATLAB Compiler license? You will need this to create a Standalone Desktop App or Web App.
Arlan Pacheco Figueiredo
Arlan Pacheco Figueiredo on 11 Aug 2022
Hi Anamaria Mendez Monsalve
Opencadd contacted me.
I didn't know that MATLAB COMPILER was only for more expensive licenses (Standard and Education) typical for companies or Universities.
Unfortunately I will have to wait a few years to be able to create my applications considering that in my educational institution the policies for research are time consuming and with few financial resources.
It would be important for researchers not linked to companies and government agencies to have access to this resource (MATLAB COMPILER).
It's too bad to depend on their good will...
Thanks for the feedback.

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